When it Happened to Me

I have been following a story about Davey and Amanda Blackburn lately. It’s a tragic story about a family who moved from S.C. to Indianapolis to fulfill their calling to start a church. One morning Davey got up early to go to the gym and when he returned he found his wife on the ground fighting for her life. Someone had broken into their home earlier that morning and murdered her while her one-year-old son was in the next room.  Amanda was also 3 months pregnant at the time. This story rocked my world. I am close to their age and couldn’t imagine why God would allow something like this to happen.

It wasn’t until months later when I caught myself letting this affect my thoughts.

A few weeks ago my husband had a former player call him and ask if he could stay with us until he got his feet on the ground with a new job in our area. When he moved in for some odd reason we didn’t give him a key immediately. He had to leave for his job first in the morning so he would leave the front door unlocked and my husband would lock it when he would leave for work. To be honest I didn’t know this was even happening until my husband had to go out of town for work.

It was late one night when I woke up in the middle of the night and I realized. He was going to leave the door unlocked at 6:30 and I would not be able to lock it again until 8:00am. and I didn’t have to leave for work until 8:00. That left a window, similar to the time frame from Amanda’s story. around the same time Amanda was killed, for the same thing to happen to me. I panicked and immediately found a key for him and sent him a seemingly random text where I left the key so he could lock the door on the way out.

Then it hit me. I sat there in pure fear of something that hadn’t even happened to me yet. Then even worse, I didn’t go to God first. I made a survival plan before I even thought about Jesus and what He said about fear. There are so many times where Jesus talks about not fearing and how fear doesn’t come from Him. Paul spoke specifically in 2 Timothy 1:7 “For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind” (NKJV). A spirit of fearfulness and timidity does not come from God so why was I freaking out? Because I am human? Because I am a woman, and women tend to freak out sometimes? The reality is I freaked out because of the unknown. I was worried because I didn’t know if someone was going to break into my house. Often, when I am in freak out mode, I am very fearful of things I can’t even control or do anything to prevent.

Yes, I should lock my door every time I am at home, especially if I will be alone. But could we take another approach? Could I not have freaked out and just gotten up after he left that morning and locked the door? It would have taken 3 minutes’ total. Instead I worried for almost an hour about what to do without looking crazy and walking through an entire situation in my head.

Today I challenge each of you, don’t let the media, someone else’s bad situation or even this crazy presidential election scare you. It is okay that WE don’t know the end story on earth. At the end of each and every day; Jesus is King and He knows the whole story. Davey Blackburn even speaks about how God knows the whole picture. We have to trust him with that whole picture, with every aspect of our life. Not just the areas that are easy.

Trusting Jesus is a game changer. When everything in life is so inconsistent and always fluctuating Jesus is the changeless savior He promises to be.


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